Innovation Ranking in Colombia

Applied research, knowledge transfer and technological development allowed BIOS to position itself as a recognized innovation center in the national innovation ranking published by Dinero Magazine, placing it among the top 30 most innovative companies in Colombia.

BIOS' commitment in the last year has focused on strengthening strategic alliances, with the interest of joining institutional efforts, based on the advances that partner organizations have consolidated, to generate impact results that transform the country's science, technology and innovation ecosystem with a view to strengthening the Colombian bioeconomy.

This new vision has generated articulated work with universities, companies and governmental institutions of the region and the country, with the objective of developing solutions focused on generating new bioproducts, platforms for health information management, platforms for risk management, intelligent mobility solutions, development of new technologies and data analytics to optimize and make processes profitable; in an effort to show specific cases where applied scientific research offers competitive solutions to the needs of society and the cosmetic, food, agricultural and health sectors, through biotechnology, bioengineering, artificial intelligence and data science.

The projection that BIOS is proposing today is oriented to materialize the emblematic project "Colombian Human Genome" which, in spite of dealing with a sensitive subject (by proposing to analyze the genetic information of each individual born in the national territory), has the sole interest of guaranteeing a better quality of life for Colombians, through the knowledge of the genetic code, to establish preventive plans, personalized medical treatments and to optimize the country's health systems and policies.

BIOS is a bet for Colombians to believe more and more in what they are capable of doing.

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