Open and quality data

The use of open data allows to increase transparency, improve the citizen experience and exercise control over public entities," said the Director of Digital Government of MinTIC, Elizabeth Blandón, during her speech at the event 'The role of data in the digital economy', held in the city of Manizales and attended by important representatives of the academic, business and government sectors.

The event aimed to share some of the products and projects derived from the articulated work between MinTIC and the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BIOS), to strengthen the socioeconomic development of the country through technology and innovation. These are:

Intelligent solutions based on data for the territories: Chatbots and systematization of PQRSF (Mayor's Office of Belmira and Mayor's Office of Giraldo).

Linked Open Data: Colombia, towards the most advanced level of open data (Universidad de Caldas - Universidad de Manizales).

Data Ecosystem: more information, better decisions (Universidad de Antioquia).

Quality in health data for the well-being of Colombians (Health Entities of Caldas).

These projects required an important working group composed of professionals in data science, experts in systems engineering, artificial intelligence, eCommerce, telecommunications, software development, marketing, design, among others.

"The value of quality information lies in the possibility of generating knowledge and innovation. For this reason, we support the development of projects that involve data and lead to the solution of specific problems of the population," concluded Elizabeth Blandón.

The panel 'The role of data in the digital economy' was attended by Guillermo Ocampo, Director of Technology and Digital Transformation for Microsoft Colombia; Luis Fernando Castillo, Dean of Engineering at the University of Caldas, and Gerson Bermont, Territorial Director of Health of Caldas.

The projects presented at the event are now implemented in the entities for which they were developed.

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