District Secretary of Health Bogotá SDS

Bioinformatics analysis services, training courses in bioinformatics and data visualization for decision making of the District Council of Social Security in Extended Health - SDS Agreement.S

Detected needs:

. Development of research projects on public health issues.

. Monitoring of the health situation in the Capital District to contribute to health decision-making through the design of a technological platform for data visualization


Thanks to this project it was possible to

. Generation of molecular knowledge about pathogens of public health importance in Bogota, including bacteria and viruses. This knowledge was used by the District Health Secretariat of Bogota, according to its public health priorities.

. Implementation of computational tools that enable management from a perspective that allows acquisition, integration, analysis and evaluation of the SDS health system information in an efficient and timely manner.

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Technologies implemented

  • Biotechnology

  • Data Science

  • HPC

  • Bioinformatics

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