Mayor's Office of Manizales

Development and deployment of an IoT network infrastructure characteristic of smart cities, to obtain data related to public space.

Detected needs:

- Create a native Internet of Things (IoT) network, as a basis for appropriating innovative solutions in different fields of the local economy.

- Promote the implementation and use of solutions based on the smart cities philosophy, as promoted in the 7th week of Green standards and the XVIII Ibero-American Meeting of Digital Cities in April 2017.


This project seeks to contribute to the philosophy of smart cities in which Manizales has been immersed.

To achieve this, a solution was proposed that includes the deployment of a LoRaWAN network in the historic center of the city, which facilitates data management and communication between IoT devices installed through a public administration platform that was deployed as part of the project.

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Thanks to this project it was possible to

- Manizales managed to be the first city to establish a pilot communication network typical of the so-calledsmart cities.

- It was possible to optimize the monitoring of informal vendors in the historic center of the city.

- It was possible to prove that the use of solutions of the fourth industrial revolution (IoT, artificial intelligence), has positive impacts on the economic and logistic development of the city, therefore, we have sought to expand the network and address data science processes on the information collected.

Technologies implemented

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